A Loan for a Statement in Profit Loan – Without a Certificate

What exactly are the loans for the statement and how do they differ from the loans for the certificate? The main difference is that there is no need to present documents confirming income. Instead, a personal statement about the receipts is enough.

A loan for a statement – without a certificate

A loan for a statement - without a certificate

Most companies that provide non-bank loans do not require additional statements to confirm the income they receive. However, such a document may be needed if we are trying to obtain more cash or a loan from the bank. Profit Loan in its offer has loans for a statement from PLN 200 to PLN 4,000 granted without additional certification.

Who will a loan for a statement be a good proposition for? Certainly for people who do not want or can not get a certificate of income. For people who are looking for a quick loan without additional formalities or people who work on a contract or contract for a work.

However, before I present the loan offer to the Profit Loan statement, I must mention that the company’s general offer for low-priced does not belong. Depending on the amount of the loan we decide on, the cost of the loan may exceed even double the amount of cash borrowed. So, if it comes to me, such a loan for a statement will only work in situations when we no longer have the opportunity to obtain a cheaper loan repayment.

The maximum loan amount for a statement, i.e. a loan that we obtain as proof without earnings , may reach up to PLN 4,000 and the repayment period, depending on what our needs may be, ranges from 6 to 48 months. Such a loan for a statement is given to people from 18 years of age who will present a copy of ID card, a recently paid utility bill (electricity, water or telephone) and a personal statement of earnings.

This Profit Loan loan can be used by employed persons who earn a minimum of income of PLN 800 net / monthly, pensioners with a minimum income of PLN 700 net. Also self-employed or farmers. All of the people must be registered in Poland.

The Profit Loan offer also includes other loan offers such as loans for a certificate (up to PLN 9000), business loans or premium loans up to PLN 25,000. No positive credit history is required in BIK databases to obtain a loan.